We Investigate Workers Compensation Claims

Hire our private detective in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC

Workers compensation laws were established to protect employees who are injured on the job. Every state has different laws, so it’s important to understand what the applications are in your state. Unfortunately, some employees will try to take advantage of the law. False claims cost insurance companies millions of dollars every year. We’ll help you gather information, such as video evidence, that is admissible in court. Call 803-547-3554 today to learn more about hiring a private detective to investigate potential workers’ compensation fraud.

You won’t be taken advantage of with Skidmore Investigations

Our private investigators will compile information to help your company build an investigation to reveal if an employee has committed fraud. We look into:

  • Employees who were never injured
  • Employees who have healed enough to return to work
  • Employees who weren’t hurt on the job

Don’t let someone take advantage of your business or the insurance companies. Contact Skidmore Investigations to get the proof you’re searching for in the Fort Mill, SC; Rock Hill, SC or Charlotte, NC area.