Is Someone Stealing From Your Company?

Talk to our employee theft private investigator in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC and Charlotte, NC

Do you suspect that someone who works for you is stealing? Skidmore Investigations has employee theft private investigators who’ll uncover the truth. We have experience with business and corporate settings of all kinds to provide you with the information you’re searching for, including:

  • Determining if a theft occurred
  • Determining if the suspected employee is responsible
  • Collecting evidence to support the claim

When someone is stealing from your company, it can have a negative effect on your work environment, as well as the company’s finances. Call 803-547-3554 today to discuss your situation with an employee theft private investigator.

Get the proof you’re searching for

You need to be able to trust the employees who are in contact with your company’s products and money on a daily basis. A lot of time, the employees who are stealing are the ones you’d least expect. You need evidence and proof that will convict someone of the crime. Get a private investigator on your side for cases of employee theft by contacting Skidmore Investigations in Fort Mill and Rock Hill, SC, as well as Charlotte, NC.