Get the Information You Require From Your Hard Drive

We offer computer forensics in Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC

Is there information you need to recover from a computer? Skidmore Investigations is able to quickly and efficiently carry out a forensics test on nearly any computer. We will collect evidence that is essential to your legal case. We use top-of-the-line software and tools that allow us to do some of the best forensic work in the area. We not only uncover the information, but also help you understand the details of what we uncover. Contact Skidmore Investigations for computer forensics in the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC areas.

We get the data to support your case

We get the data to support your case

After our computer forensics process, we will get all the data back to you. The collected information will be extracted, analyzed and reported so you can use it in your case involving:

  • Employee internet abuse
  • Criminal fraud
  • Unauthorized disclosure of company information

In many cases, we can recover deleted files and emails. Call 803-547-3554 today to request a free consultation with a private investigator.