We’ll Recover Deleted Data From Your Cell Phone

We’ll Recover Deleted Data From Your Cell Phone

We conduct cell phone forensics in Fort Mill, SC and Charlotte, NC

In the digital age, our cell phones help us with day-to-day business, phone calls and internet browsing. When you need to uncover court-admissible information from a cellular phone, come to Skidmore Investigations for cell phone forensic services. We will access contacts, photos, calendars, notes and text messages. We’re also able to uncover a variety of other data, including:

  • Discovering which cell phone tower handled a call or text
  • Recovering deleted information
  • Locating geographical information showing where the phone was used

We use top-of-the-line forensic equipment to provide you with accurate information quickly. Contact Skidmore Investigations to get data from a cell phone in the Charlotte, NC and Fort Mill, SC areas.

Get the information your case requires

Cell phone forensics comes in handy during investigations when you need to find someone or find out something. We can carry out an unnoticed forensics test on nearly any cellular device. The information can come in handy during cases involving:

  • Infidelity
  • Traffic accidents
  • Child custody
  • Concerned parents
  • Employee theft

Call 803-547-3554 today to speak with a private investigator about uncovering the information you need to know.