Digital Forensics

Digital Forensics

Cell Phone and Computer Investigation in Fort Mill & Rock Hill, SC and Surrounding Areas Including Charlotte, NC

At Skidmore Investigations, we understand that valuable information can be obtained through digital forensics. This is why we have a team of investigators dedicated to digital forensics and recovery. No matter the situation you find yourself in, we are here to help you discover and preserve the crucial information that is needed.


What information can an expert forensic investigator find/recover?

Saved and deleted documents, texts, pictures, voicemails, call logs, GPS locations, browser history, lists of applications, spyware and keyloggers. Once a picture or text is deleted can it be recovered? Yes. In many cases deleted information can still be recovered through computer forensic processes. I forgot the login password. Is this a problem? No. As so long it is lawful, forgotten passwords will not stop the forensic process. Will you need the analyzed device for long? No. In many cases we need the device for less than 24 hours and in some cases as few as 20 minutes. Once my device is analyzed, will it be apparent that forensics was conducted on the device? No. We have the ability to obtain the needed information without making changes to the device. Can deleted voicemails be recovered? Yes. Deleted and undeleted voice messages can often be recovered by our experts. I think I can get the information I need myself. Why hire an expert?

When is digital forensics used?

Digital forensics is used for issues regarding infidelity, child custody, concerned parents, sexting, employee, internet abuse, pornography, addictions, cyber stalking, employee theft, unauthorized disclosure of corporate data, industrial espionage, accidental deletion of data, routine management of company owned devices and routine checks of child/teenager devices.

Devices that we can retrieve valuable data from:

Cell phones, laptop computers, desktop computers, tablets, GPS (i.e. Garmin, TomTom), external hard drives, various memory devices and cards, and music players (Ipods).

I need help! What do I do now?

1. Call or email Skidmore Investigations.

2. We will evaluate your needs and answer your questions over the phone or in person.

3. We will formulate a plan to obtain the physical device and will either come to you, meet in our office or get the device through the mail.

4. The device will be copied/cloned.

5. We will begin using forensic processes to investigate

6. A report will be compiled.

7. We will go over our findings with you.

8. If needed, we will testify as an expert witness in your case.

Forensics Lab

We have a dedicated forensic lab and secure evidence room to ensure we offer a high-quality service that is extremely confidential. Our team has members with various backgrounds, training and certifications, as well as the ability to testify to our findings as recognized expert witnesses.

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