Business Services

Business Services

Skidmore Investigations offers a wide variety of services to assist in making and keeping your company strong. No small business is too small nor is any national corporation too large to run into situations that may require the help of a private investigator. We have numerous investigators who can suit many types of examinations that may arise in the business world.

Business Services

  • Background checks
  • Courier services
  • Pre-employment screening
  • Process service
  • Employee theft
  • Loss prevention
  • Asset protection
  • Transcriptions
  • Post conviction relief investigation
  • Courier service
  • Parole preparation
  • Insurance investigations
  • Wrongful death investigation

Investigative Services

  • Workman's compensation
  • Covert surveillance
  • Employee theft
  • Insurance fraud
  • Computer & cell forensics
  • Personal injury

Does your company issue phones, laptops or tablets? Have you had an issue where the information you needed was on an electronic device?

We can recover the needed information off of these devices to aid in your investigation. We also offer corporate maintenance plans to manage what employees are doing on company-owned computers, cell phones, tablets and other digital media devices. Companies that utilize this service will find that they get rid of problems sooner and cut out waste through many areas of the company as they are better able to address issues before they get out of hand. Many times, catching one dishonest or non-productive employee will more than pay for this service. Let us join your team and help ensure that these problems do not become rampant within your company.

Are you a leasing or other type of business that requires a large amount of papers and notices to be served to occupants?

We have business plans available with special pricing that will enable you to make one call and know that it will be done. Let us be a part of your team!

Do you often find yourself wasting valuable time running errands or delivering business-related materials during your workday? Are your weekends interrupted with running around town?

Let our courier service pick it up and deliver it anywhere for a reasonable rate.

Want to cut down on waste and increase productivity?

Hire us to send an undercover investigator into your facility to identify ways to increase productivity, cut down on potential hazards and be your eyes when you aren't looking.